To be held on Thursday 4th May.

Election of Town and Parish Councillors  (Please click the link below).
Notice of Election – Town and Parish – 4th May 2023[43866]

Election of District Councillors (Please click the link below).
Notice of Election – District – 4th May 2023[43865]

Have you always wanted to be more involved in what happens in your local community?

The common misconception about council members is that all they do is attend council meetings, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a local councillor has a wide range of responsibilities and rewards, but the most significant aspect of the job is simply having regular interactions with residents in their own neighbourhood.

No one councillor is in charge of any particular decision because the Parish Council functions as a unified non-political body.
Council members speak for their community while being conscious of and sensitive to the concerns of any special minorities.

Oakamoor Parish Councillors receive no remuneration for their attendance or involvement on the Parish Council.