Degree of difficulty :- Easy( pushchair friendly )

Length :- 2 miles ( approx )

Approx time :- 1 hour.( approx )

Start at Oakamoor Car Park (Public Toilets) on Station Road,

Cross the park over the river bridge, turn right.

Follow the path to the old railway station.

Continue straight on bearing slightly left, through a gate onto the old railway line.

Follow the railway for approximately ¾ of a mile.

You will reach Lord’s Bridge, which goes over the railway.

Take the steps on the left and when you reach the top turn right (Pushchairs will need to be carried).

Cross over the bridge and walk straight ahead until you reach a gate.

Opposite the gate is the Ramblers Retreat coffee shop ( open every day )

This is the gateway to Dimmingsdale with many super walks.

An information board is displayed outside the coffee shop.

Return to Oakamoor village by retracing your steps.


Keep a lookout for wildlife :- Woodpeckers, Jays, Heron, Wagtails, Buzzards, Wood Pigeon,Frogspawn, Butterflies & Moths.

Spot some Trees:- Beech, Ash, Oak, Elder, Spruce, Silver Birch, Scots Pine.

Other items of interest:- Railway Tunnel, Station Platform, Cricket Field, Fishing Lake, Old Canal, Sandstone Cliffs.